ENDS 22 JULY 2022


All our products are of the highest quality. Sold with a  1 year free from defects warranty – and a lifetime commitment of support


We are committed to offering our customers the best possible service including, our after-sales service, wheelchair repair service,
online support service, and anytime call-us for advice service.

Maintaining Your Wheelchair: 5 essential wheelchair care and maintenance tips

Research shows that the average wheelchair-bound individual spends approximately 9 hours per day in a wheelchair. That’s a significant amount of time. That...

Life in a chair: 5 keys to comfort

WHY IS POSTURE SO IMPORTANT? It gets a little annoying. Everyone banging on about posture – and the importance of posture. Posture is the concern of the...

Preparing for unexpected trips to the Emergency Room

Whether you care for an older family member, or not, it’s prudent to prepare in advance for a trip to your local emergency room. When the unexpected happens,...

Wheelchair health: Why posture is key to comfort and health

Most of us, when we think of pressure injuries, immediately think of pressure cushions. And yes, pressure cushions are brilliant, but they are not the be-all...

Is it time for a cane?

So, how do you know if it’s time to start using a cane? And what are the benefits of using a cane? Every[body] is different - and circumstances vary greatly...
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