Wheelchair Accessories

Unlock Comfort and Convenience with Our Wheelchair Accessories

Discover a world of enhanced comfort and practicality with our carefully selected wheelchair accessories. At Winfar, we believe that every wheelchair experience should be optimized to suit your needs, and our range of accessories is designed to do just that.

At Winfar, we’re dedicated to enhancing your mobility and overall well-being. Our wheelchair accessories are chosen to improve your quality of life, one comfortable and convenient detail at a time. Explore our range today and elevate your wheelchair experience to new heights.

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  • wheelchair table attachment

    Wheelchair Table

    R889,00 Add to Cart
  • best memory foam seat cushion

    Memory Foam Cushion

    R489,00 Add to Cart
  • wheelchair transfer board

    Transfer Board – Plastic

    R359,00 Add to Cart
  • egg box foam mattress

    Egg Box Foam Cushion – Medimat Para Cushion

    R350,00 Add to Cart