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WINFAR cares. That’s our inheritance. That’s our legacy.
Born from a family business, which built its reputation on personalised care, service, honesty, and integrity. We stand on those same principles. Honest, professional advice. Personalised, attentive, service. Delivering the best possible product and solution to suite YOUR needs. Dedicated to making YOUR life easier.
WINFAR CARES. We always have. We always will.

Guaranteed Products and Services

We pride ourselves in delivering the best, personal solution for you! All our products are of the highest quality. Sold with a 1 year product guarantee – and a lifetime commitment of support. We are committed to offering our customers the best possible service including, our after sales service, wheelchair repair service, online support service and anytime call-us for advice service.

HOME CARE AND Mobility Solutions

In short, we are here to make your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you are the caregiver, or the one being cared for. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. Whether you are recovering from an accident, mobility impaired, ill, or just getting old. There are products available specifically designed to make your life easier, safer, healthier and more enjoyable. That is what we do. We provide mobility and home care solutions, designed to improve your quality of life.

Best Prices

We understand that mobility and home care purchases, are driven by need and necessity. They are investments, not luxury purchases. We are committed to delivering the best quality product, at the best  possible price. We import in bulk to reduce cost. And offer bulk discounts for bulk purchases. To find out more: [email protected]
or register as a wholesaler today.

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client testimonials

For more than10 years, Winfar, the surgical appliance department of Wynberg pharmacy, has provided wheelchairs and equipment to our charity, BREAD TAGS FOR WHEELCHAIRS. The manager, Mrs.Wilma Samuels, and her team have been more than helpful, with every transaction; going out of their way to accommodate unusual requests. At all times they have acted in a professional manner. We thank them for their kindness and willingness to help ,which has enabled the charity to donate over 800 items to the disabled members of the local community, and beyond.
Mary Honeybun

Bread tags for Wheelchairs

We Win by Far by using Winfar Surgical to supply us with wheelchairs and walking aids for our recipients as their very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff give us exceptional service at all times. They also go above and beyond by advising us on the most suitable equipment for each recipient and delivering promptly. Furthermore they collect tops and tags from collectors which they then bring to us, the income from these is what pays for the devices. Best of all, their prices are the best in town!!!

Bread tags for Wheelchairs


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